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Start a career with an organization with a proven record of making a difference in the lives of its constituents as well as the community. To apply send your resume to
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SANE Nurse/Community Awareness Coordinator

The Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE)/Community Awareness Coordinator will provide timely, non-judgmental, compassionate care to the sexual assault/physical abuse victim. The SANE exam may include a medical-forensic exam, prophylaxis for pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, photographic documentation and referrals for appropriate medical and psychological follow-up, support and participation in legal proceedings. The Coordinator will also plan, develop, manage and facilitate sexual assault awareness and child abuse awareness curriculum throughout the school systems and Waycross Judicial Circuit.


Legal/Family Advocate Attorney

This position provides and coordinates all legal and criminal justice system advocacy services for victims and families served by Satilla Advocacy Services (SAS). The Legal Advocate is a point of contact for victims requesting follow-up assistance with, but not limited to, the following: criminal investigation status, support with law enforcement/ district attorney’s office/ courts/ medical communications or accessibility; offender or witness line-up/ identify accompaniment; personal or family advocacy; civil litigation referrals and follow-through; criminal/civil/family court hearings; court schedules, etc. this will include court accompaniment to the degree possible. The staff member will also provide intake, referrals and legal advocacy to sexual assault, domestic violence and stalking victims. The employee will also provide preliminary support for fact/ expert witnesses and staff subpoena coordination and management. The Legal/Family Advocate must possess an extensive knowledge of SAS protocols/ policies; interagency community protocols and related resources; federal courts including court related policies, practices and procedures. This is a highly collaborative position that works closely with victims/families; law enforcement agencies; the district attorney’s office; and the courts.


Victims Services Coordinator/ Victims Compensation Specialist

This position schedules and coordinates all victim related services and maintains the daily function of rape crisis and child advocacy. We currently have open positions in Brantley County, Coffee County and Waycross.

24-hour crisis line
(912) 283-0987
(800) 656-4673


SAS has trained volunteers who can provide accompaniment and advocacy for survivors and their families through medical exams, criminal investigations and court proceedings.